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  • Designing Effective Vehicles for Second Life

    Elegant vehicle design in Second Life is easy to pick up, hard to master.   I was noodling around Balance— the old-school vehicle testing sim– in a 2009 Tread, and realized that a few useful design decisions surface again and again in each of my successful vehicles. Time to reflect on vehicle design principles a bit […]

  • Vehicle Use in Second Life: Spatial Distribution

    As part of an ongoing effort to understand vehicles and their users in Second Life, I created a series of maps that depict where users of the vehicle that I’ve designed, the Elemental, go while they’re using it. Currently there are about 100,000 Elementals in circulation on the Second Life grid. About a third of those, or 30,000+ have been active in the last month or so. When you make a gridwide plot of where they have been (about a quarter million records), you get a map something like the following, composed in ESRI’s ArcMap

  • Whatta Month!

    Just over twelve thousand Elementals served in the first month. Twelve thousand!  It’s not even out of alpha development yet!  Crazy.  The flood of feature suggestions, a few bug reports and a bunch of donations have all been huge encouragements to continue development on this thing.  Good times.