Better cloud physics

Work continues on making beautiful but processor lite clouds. Each one is a single mobile object with a trigger collided so it blocks the sun behind it.  It spawns cloud texture particles that respond to sun color at sunrise/sunset. Very pretty as they gently ride the wind.

Oct 24th Build, for Joe!

Today’s build!


  • better surface to interplanetary transition
  • groundwork laid for interplanetary starfield vs. 3D skybox
  • defeated enemies now drop HP and power boosts
  • New terrain
  • Tiled terrain engine basics now in place

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[WP_UnityObject src=”” width=”800 height=”700″/]

p + [ –> coupe
p + ] –> plane
p + = –> hoverpod

i –> create selected item (walls, turrets, etc.)

r –> fires rocket
b –> drops gravity bomb: on impact gravity shuts down for several seconds
k –> fires enemy-seeking missile
minus character –> toggles time dilation (slow motion)

l –> toggle headlight

/ –> teleport to guardian objective

o –> dump screenshot

f –> toggle fullscreen

WASD keys, <> keys, and arrow keys steer



Wednesday Daily Build

Today’s build!


  • Very Basic Multiplayer prototype added
  • Missiles acquire targets much more intelligently
  • Monowheel mode (buggy)
  • Configurable mob spawners
  • Mobs target your protection goal
  • Auto-cannons
  • Guard walls are now mouse-draggable
  • Sky now reddens at sunset and sunrise
  • Item pickups now disappear on collision
  • Turrets now lead their targets quite accurately

Click through to play!

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