Japan Videos

Videos are linked, below.

Near Asakusa, we stumbled into a very cool street performance of Taiko drumming.  It mixes elements of percussion music, martial arts, dance, and a hefty dollop of old fashioned stage presence.

Oh yeah, a few days ago we got to sit in on a kindergarten kid’s taiko lesson.  The cuteness level was over 9000.


In Narita, we got to check out a gion street festival.  The Japanese are very hard workers, but they also have more holidays than we enjoy in the States.  So, they do stuff like haul these shrine-on-a-cart things (“mikoshi”) around and stop for a drink every hour or so.  It all starts out very disciplined and by the end of the day they’re pretty smashed.


Aaaaand one more, from the Tokyo National Museum of Natural History (equivalent to our Smithsonian Institutions in DC).  Wait for it…