Japan Trip Photos

The translations here are pretty wild. Here at Minakami train station, I found “Bourbon Fettucine Gummi” snacks. Delicious…?
In a train station bakery, we found these DELICIOUS red bean paste-filled biscuits. They’re branded with cute pandas. Approved.
It is really odd to see Western things present in Japan, or at least it seems odd to me. Hollywood ad dollars cross the Pacific just fine, though.
In Tokyo, it is apparently pretty difficult to find a landlord that allows pets, and land for your own house would be prohibitively expensive. So, cat lovers can go to “Cat Cafes” where 20 cats are running around. You pay about $12 (1000 yen) for a coffee and one hour to pet the cats.
They’re very particular that you wash your hands, remove your shoes, etc. Can’t have those cats getting sick in close quarters with each other!
There was a young couple on a date together there. Very cute.
Robots (“mecha”) are one of many popular themes in Japanese entertainment for the younger crowd. Logan approves.
Apparently Hayashi is a fairly common name in Japan. We’ve met several so far… Everyone here is extremely polite. It comes off as a cross between southern hospitality and English formality.
The rooms are tiny here! Ceilings tend to be lower, doors narrower, portion sizes are more sane. The toilets are completely wild. Think robotic controls.
Another Hayashi! This one a politician.
In many of the soup/noodle (“soba”) shops, you order by buying tickets from a vending machine that specifies the selection and prices. You take the ticket to the short order cook who hollers things–very politely– then you have a seat and wait.
Silly, always silly.
Flying business class for 13 hour trips is a very, very good idea. Half the price of first class with 90% of the amenity. Free noise-canceling headphones (ours were Bose, amazing).