Tag: Elemental

  • Whatta Month!

    Just over twelve thousand Elementals served in the first month. Twelve thousand!  It’s not even out of alpha development yet!  Crazy.  The flood of feature suggestions, a few bug reports and a bunch of donations have all been huge encouragements to continue development on this thing.  Good times.

  • SLNN’s Ashley Gasser Interview

    Ashley turned this chat into a very nice article over at SLNN.  Read it here: http://slnn.com/index.php/article/about/charitygiving/page/2/start/3000.html [11:16] You: Hi, it’s very nice to meet you finally! [11:16] Ashley Gasser: hi nice to meet you happy new year [11:16] You: Happy new year to you as well. =) [11:17] You: What can I do for you? […]