Daily Build: Plane Now Levels Out

Today’s build!


  • Plane converts to submarine upon hitting the water
  • Plane now rolls gently to level out after banking

Click through to play!

[WP_UnityObject src=”http://blog.shadowmecha.org/20110827.unity3d” width=”800 height=”640″/]

p + [ –> coupe
p + ] –> plane
p + = –> hoverpod

i –> create selected item (walls, turrets, etc.)

r –> fires rocket
b –> drops gravity bomb: on impact gravity shuts down for several seconds
k –> fires enemy-seeking missile
minus character –> toggles time dilation (slow motion)

l –> toggle headlight

o –> dump screenshot

f –> toggle fullscreen

WASD keys, <> keys, and arrow keys steer



A Taxonomy of Flight Craft in Second Life


With dimensions measured not in meters but in fractional sim lengths (“1/2 a region long!”) superdreadnaughts are the floating capital ships of the Second Life grid. They tend to be powered by some variant of Jesrad Seraph‘s suite of multimove scripts. The net effect, while functional, is hardly elegant. The comparison to inchworms is natural– the only way to move a vehicle of several thousand prims is to break it into 254 prim (or fewer) linkset objects and attempt to move them in some semblance of cohesive motion. The effect is rarely convincing.

However, by dint of sheer size, the rare superdreadnaughts rule the SL skies. They generally feature broadside turret weapon arrays, staterooms, hangars & landing strips, integrated vehicle and personal weapon rezzers, and command bridges. Higher-investment assets also sport improvements like shipwide commsystems, shiplong axial beam weapons, and slaved dropships.

Style-wise, the superdreadnaught-class ship is almost without exception a sci-fi build.

Examples: Moo Spyker’s Prometheus (images here), Zypher Yao’s Zypherion (images here),

Non-examples: The floating mall at Alcyon Sector, since it is not actually a vehicle. Also the SS Antares is essentially a dreadnaught-shaped building, highly detailed for roleplaying purposes, but unable to move under its own thrust.

This sreadnaught-like building serves as a well-themed floating mall, but is not functional as a flying vehicle in the traditional sense.
This dreadnaught-like building serves as a well-themed floating mall, but is not functional as a flying vehicle in the traditional sense. Note author seated on upper deck, foreground for scale.

Dreadnaughts – megaprim single linkset

Frigates – cabin craft like the ever-popular Halo video game series Pelican

Runabouts – personal craft

–transforming vehicles

Tinies vehicles really fall under all the same categories as above, but they are appropriately scaled down a bit.

RC vehicles are vehicles at an API level (meaning, they use the same code that normal vehicles do, they simply lack the subroutine to check for the seated presence of an operator before enabling physics.

Regardless of genre: modern, sci-fi, whimsical, organic

Regardless of originality: IP theft to completely original