Daily Build: Plane Now Levels Out

Today’s build!


  • Plane converts to submarine upon hitting the water
  • Plane now rolls gently to level out after banking

Click through to play!

[WP_UnityObject src=”http://blog.shadowmecha.org/20110827.unity3d” width=”800 height=”640″/]

p + [ –> coupe
p + ] –> plane
p + = –> hoverpod

i –> create selected item (walls, turrets, etc.)

r –> fires rocket
b –> drops gravity bomb: on impact gravity shuts down for several seconds
k –> fires enemy-seeking missile
minus character –> toggles time dilation (slow motion)

l –> toggle headlight

o –> dump screenshot

f –> toggle fullscreen

WASD keys, <> keys, and arrow keys steer