Japan Trip 2012 – Fox Canyon Photos and Videos

Hello family and friends! A few photos and videos of our trip so far–

Canyoning [Canyoneering] in Fox Canyon, Minakami, Japan.

Click photos for full-size version, click text links for videos…

This is about as tame as canyoneering gets…


Logan superman slides like an otter into a whitewater pool

Aya jumps into whitewater pool

Emi jumps

Logan and Emi hug in Fox canyon
She is one pretty lady, in a wetsuit or in a sun dress!

into a whitewater pool

Everyone still alive after superman slide

Aya jumps 6m into whitewater

Emi jumps 6m into whitewater

Logan jumps 6m into whitewater

Logan jumps backwards into canyon

Emi and Aya jump into a cool canyon pool

Aya musters her courage and plunges into whitewater

Emi drops backwards into swirling canyon pool

Logan forward flips into canyon pool